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From the idea to the uemis SDA

In numerous chats among the passionate divers Ernst Völlm and Lukas Metzler the idea to develop a novel dive computer was born. Ernst Völlm had extensive experience in the development of dive computers. Lukas Metzler was a legal counsel fascinated with the possibilities offered by the internet. Later on, Markus Mock, who during the past 20 years had successfully worked with Ernst Völlm in the development of dive computers, joined the team. The basic idea was to develop a dive computer which is easy to use due to its innovative, colored display concept and which can be directly connected to the internet.

A list of functional requirements for the new device was quickly created. It was to have an intuitive menu and allow wireless interfacing with other devices or external modules.

The first offers were collected and a business plan was established. Then, the search for investors started. The first investor enabled them to employ an expert software engineer and to drive the development. A three-day workshop generated lots of new ideas, not only with regard to the range of functions but also for the manufacturing process. The energy concept is based on a rechargeable battery and a solar cell integrated in the device. The first design studies were prepared and model specifications were defined. Very soon, the appearance of the device takes form. Another engineer is hired for the development of the computing model ZHL-16 uemis+.

Other investors interested in the project came on board. The naming and logo development process started. Another engineer joined the team. All new team members complete a diving course in order to gain a better understanding of the use and functioning of dive computers. Soon, the first tank pressure sensors were produced. The development of the display and the design of the casing were forging ahead. The first functional models of the new device are produced. The first dive with a prototype takes place.
Collective patent applications are filed for the display concept, the casing technology, for the multi-user systems and the dive analyses. The second generation of prototypes plunges into the frosty Lake Zurich in January 2008.
From the prototype to the start of production, the uemis SDA is thoroughly tested in Lake Constance and Lake Zurich. Countless dives are completed during several weeks of testing. In April 2008, 60 successful dives are made during a test week in Egypt. The production of the first pilot series is started at the end of spring. 250 test dives are completed during a test week on the Island of Elba. In summer and autumn 2008, the second and the third pilot series are produced. In October 2008, a second test week follows in Egypt with 150 completed dives.