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Newsticker Index

16.10.2017 | 22:12 CET

Synchronization problem fixed

01.04.2017 | 09:47 CET

Support limited in April

17.07.2016 | 14:34 CET

Mitarbeiter Fertigung und Service

08.11.2015 | 19:18 CET

Synchronisation with JAVA improved

31.05.2015 | 22:28 CET

Zusammenarbeit mit Dive EQ wird beendet

08.02.2015 | 14:43 CET

Artikel in der Zeitschrift Unterwasser (German only)

04.05.2014 | 13:23 CET

Display Protection

28.04.2014 | 13:30 CET

Synchronization up and running

14.04.2014 | 15:25 CET

IT Infrastructure under construction

23.03.2014 | 13:11 CET

Optimization of IT infrastructure

03. July 2012 | 17:45 CET

Swiss Dive Technology Ltd

Yesterday we founded officially our company. Under the name of "Swiss Dive Technology AG" with its office in Signau (Switzerland) we will take care of technical support, production and in a next phase as well of the development of the "uemis ZURICH – Scuba Diver Assistant".

We will keep the name "UEMIS – Scuba Diver Assistant" as our brand name of the dive computer. The designation ZUERICH mentioned often together with the UEMIS dive computer is going to disappear slowly.

Our new additional URL refers to the current homepage of UEMIS. Our second URL will also refer to the same address in a few days.