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The Underwater Revolution

Welcome in the World of Uemis!

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Xmas Special from December 8 to 12!


Bright colors and easy operation at depth!

  • first dive computer with OLED colour display.
  • extremely brilliant and sharp reading in every condition.
  • easy handling even with gloves due to the three slide controls.

Check important data of your buddies and replay your dives in the SDA logbook!

  • Check important data such as Remaining Gas Time (RGT) of your buddies right on your SDA.
  • Manage up to 2’000 dives in the logbook of the SDA and add your own input to the logged data.
  • Review and replay each dive in detail.

Connect your SDA with the Internet and personalize your unit!

  • Connect your SDA with the internet and simultaneously charge the rechargeable battery.
  • Upload dive spot information and buddy contacts from to your SDA .
  • Choose the colour of the cover and the size of the wristband. Both are user replaceable.