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During the dive

Main display / extras / warnings and alarms / cautionary displays

Main display

  • dive depth
  • dive time
  • remaining gas time
  • no stop time
  • decompression depth and time
  • total ascent time
  • safety stop
  • tank pressure
  • gas mix
  • water temperature


  • analog and digital tank pressure display
  • analog and digital air consumption display
  • for deco dives: complete deco planning for current gas mix and planned gas change
  • dive details (time, max. depth, min. temperature, CNS O2%, pO2)
  • physiological parameters (effort, cooling, microbubbles)
  • graphical display of tissue saturation
  • buddy data
  • set position marker
  • selection of tank when using different gas mixes

Warnings and alarms (red)

  • depth limit exceeded
  • MOD exceeded (Nitrox)
  • decompression depth (deco disrespected)
  • ascent speed exceeding admitted speed by 150%
  • dive time exceeded
  • remaining gas time shorter than limits

Caution screen (orange)

  • no stop time less than 3 minutes
  • decompression time (total deco time limit exceeded)
  • dive time exceeding 33, 50 or 80 per cent of dive time
  • tank pressure less than pressure limits

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