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Informations v1.00

First firmware at start of delivery

Known issues in v1.00:

  • At the end of a dive (just before reaching the surface), an ascent warning is visible for a short moment
  • If the SDA is switched off for some time and is still not desaturated, the interval time since the last dive can be reset when the unit is switched on showing "Resume". An "invalid" dive (dive shorter then 3 minutes) can also reset the interval time. The calculations of the uemis ZURICH are not affected by this issue.
  • If new a divespot is created in the database, wrong GPS data is already visible. This data should be overwritten with the correct GPS data of the divespot
  • In the logbook, you can see the used gas for a dive. The value for the tank pressure at the begin of a dive can be wrong if the dive is a repetitive dive.
  • When synchronizing a larger amount of dives (more then 20 hours of diving), the synchronizing process may be interrupted.