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Informations v1.01

New in v1.01:

  • enhanced synchronisation for large amounts of data.
  • the startup screen was frozen occasionally. This is fixed now.
  • The start pressure for a repetitive dive is now correct.
  • on the HOME screen, the "MAX" (depth limit) is replaced by the MOD of the bottom mix, when the MOD is shallower then the depth limit.

Known issues in v1.01:

  • At the end of a dive (just before reaching the surface), an ascent warning is visible for a short moment.
  • If the SDA is switched off for some time and is still not desaturated, the interval time since the last dive can be reset when the unit is switched on showing "Resume". An "invalid" dive (dive shorter then 3 minutes) can also reset the interval time. The calculations of the uemis ZURICH are not affected by this issue.
  • The max. depth in the logbook (summary) can be slightly shallower then the effective maximum depth in the dive profile.