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Information v1.10

Update v1.10 is ready to install! In order to install the update, your SDA must be completely desaturated.


  • GPS coordinates (E/W) for divespot now correct
  • number of tanks in the logbook corresponds now with the user profile
  • number of dives is now correct in the statistic for a limited time period
  • search for Nicknames and other database fields is now in alphabetic order
  • tank pressure of the buddy is now displayed in his SDA's units

Changes and new features:

  • the name of the SDA drive is now UEMISSDA
  • uemis CONNECT is now signed with an official Thawte certificate
  • a screen saver is displayed while charging the SDA
  • the slide controls for marker und extraviews have been exchanged. Now, extraviews can be accessed from HOME view (pressure gauge view and view of all configured tanks)
  • if the a transmitter battery is low, a battery warning is displayed next to the tank in HOME view
  • the gear used for the last dive is the default gear for a new dive in the logbook
  • new databas features have been added (checklists, education and medical)
  • data can be entered in a empty database form without pressing "NEW"

Firmware v1.08 or newer is necessary on your SDA to install v1.10.