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Information v1.11

Update v1.11 is ready to install! In order to install the update, your SDA must be completely desaturated.


  • in rare cases, the battery symbol could display a battery status which is too low.
  • if the air pressure was above 1'013 hPa, the displayed allowed altitude could be incorrect during the first minutes after a dive.
  • a user profile change from multigas to air could cause a wrong method of the gas settings view.
  • there were small errors in the conversion of imperial units (ft/cft) and in the depth statisics of the logbook.
  • the tank change depth in ft could be inaccurate.
  • if two tank transmitters were used, the deco mix transmitter was unlinked after "resuming".
  • occasionally, there were errors during the transmission of buddy data under water and when buddy data was synchonized.
  • sometimes, the dive equipment from the last dive was not set as the default equipment for a new dive in the logbook.

Changes and new features:

  • if the battery status is low, a big red warning „Do not Dive (Charge Battery)“ is displayed
  • in the database, linked modules are displayed with their marked serial numbers
  • unclear wording was improved in certain languages

Firmware v1.08 or newer is necessary on your SDA to install v1.11.