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Information v1.12

Update v1.12 is ready to install! In order to install the update, your SDA must be completely desaturated.


Temperature measurement:

  • A bug was found and corrected in the driver software for the temperature sensor.


  • If the "Modify Dive Number" view was selected, the actual gas settings could be overwritten with the gas settings of the opened dive, if its settings were different from the actual settings.
  • A correction of the wrong depth limit in Logbook>Replay>Predive was necessary.
  • While replaying a dive, the depth was displayed with the current setting for fresh- or seawater instead of the setting that was made for the dive.
  • If the start date was set later than the end date in Logbook>Statistics or if no dive was in the selected time frame, the SDA re-booted.
  • A format problem in the logbook buddy list could cause the SDA to boot.

GPS coordinates:

  • If a new dive spot was created, wrong GPS Koordinaten were displayed.
  • GPS data of some synchronized dive spots was displayed incomplete.
  • GPS-coordinates were cut on the right side of the window in the database.


  • In some situations, a contact selected for the Checkup was overwritten by annother contact.

Known Bugs:

  • a buddy without an allocated SDA is shown in the logbook summary, but will not show up in the buddy list.


Firmware v1.08 or newer is necessary on your SDA to install v1.12.