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Information v1.20

Upgrade v1.20 is ready to install! In order to install the update, your SDA must be completely desaturated.


Imperial units:

  • After "resuming", some imperial data was not rounded correctly

Update of dive settings:

  • If the dive settings were changed and the views were not checked out with EXIT, the database was not updated with the new settings. After "resuming", the previous settings were not updated with the new settings.

Changes and new features:

Extended range for dive settings:

  • lowest possible tank reserve pressure is now 400psi
  • deepest safety stop depth is now 20ft

Gauge mode:

  • A Gauge mode with stopp watch has been added. An addendum of the manual has to be read before the use of the gauge mode. There is a 48 hour locking period before you can switch back to deco mode after a dive in gauge mode.

Firmware v1.08 or newer is necessary on your SDA to install v1.20.